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April 16, 2014
Season Opener with Sprint Invaders
McCarl Takes Sprint Invaders First Ever Appearance at SIS By Jeremy Fox Oskaloosa, Iowa (April 16th, 2014) Wednesday Night at the Southern Iowa Speedway fans witnessed the first ever apperance of the Brockway Mechanical & Roofing 360 Sprint Invaders to the big 1/2 mile. The night was sponsored by Pro-Line Building Company of New Sharon and WCM Metalworks of Winterset also featured the opener of track points. First feature of the night was the IMCA SportMods feature and it was Brett Lowry redrawing the outside front row and he took advantage to grab the lead and never looking back to take the win. Logan Anderson ran second the entire way with Cory Van Zante settled in to third, Carter VanDenBerg came home fourth and Jason McDaniel was fifth. In the IMCA Hobby Stocks feature, it was the racing veteran Bill Bonnett grabbing the early lead but just after the completion of lap three the only race caution came out. Bonnett had to contend with several cars including Dustin Griffiths and Mike Hughes. Griffiths grabbed the lead away on lap six from Bonnett but Hughes grabbed it away on lap ten. Hughes took the checkers with Bonnett taking back second. Griffiths was third, Danny Thrasher was fourth and Jamie Songer worked his way up to a top five finish. Originally scheduled to be the fourth feature out but was moved up because of a possible rain shower nearing the race track was the 20 lap Brockway Mechanical & Roofing Sprint Invaders 20 lap feature. Carson McCarl earned the pole after Jonathan Cornell picked the Budweiser can with a four on it. McCarl jumped to the lead and appeared to be going on to the easy win but then lap traffic began to slow him down around the halfway point. This allowed Cornell to catch up to McCarl and begin a battle for the lead. Cornell held off McCarl to take the checkered, however in post-race tech inspection Cornell was disqualifed for a wing infraction that handed the win over to McCarl. Jon Agan was credited with second, Matt Moro was third, Jarrod Schneiderman was fourth and Mike Houseman Jr was fifth. Just after Cayden Carter was scored the leader in the IMCA Stock Car feature the caution came out when Jason Minnehan had his whole steering column break in turn four. Carter had several heavy hitters behind him on the restart and he was able to hold them off until lap 13 when Zack VanderBeek took the lead away. A lap later the final caution came out when Damon Murty spun in turn one. VanderBeek held on to take the win with Carter finishing second. Brad Pinkerton worked his way up to finish third, Nathan Wood came across in fourth and Donavon Nunnikhoven was fifth. Final feature of the night was the IMCA Modifieds but before a lap was completed the caution came out for a car sitting in turn one. Just like the week before Cayden Carter jumped to the early lead but Todd Shute chased him down grabbed the lead away on lap seven. Shute never looked back as he took the win by about half the track. Carter held of late race challenges by Jesse Sobbing for second. Luke Wanninger and Scott Dickey rounded out the top five. Next Wednesday Night will be John's Tree Service and Carter Manufacturing Night featuring a IMCA Sport Mod Special and Season Opener for the IMCA Sport Compacts. Also racing will be the IMCA Modifieds, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks. Hot Laps at 7:00 p.m. and Racing at 7:30 p.m. Southern Iowa Speedway Results Pro-Line Buildings & WCM Metalworks Night April 16th, 2014 Brockway Mechanical & Roofing Sprint Invaders A-Main: 1. 27 Carson McCarl (Altoona); 3. 4 Jon Agan (Knoxville); 4. 2M Matt Moro (Polk City); 5. 11S Jarrod Schneiderman (West Burlington); 6. 68 Mike Houseman Jr. (Des Moines); 7. 18 Ian Madsen (Sydney, Australia); 8. 7TAZ Tasker Phillips (Pleasantville); 9. 22T Tony Shilling (Knoxville); 10. 49 Josh Schneiderman (West Burlington); 11. 22 Bret Triplett (Lincoln, IL); 12. 15 Bobby Mincer (Burlington); 13. 6 Mitchell Alexander (Knoxville); 14. 10T Tim Moore (Rock Island, IL); 15. 12G Kelly Graham (Collins); 16. 29 Russ Hall (Pleasant Hill); 17. 99 Jimmy Davies (Oquawka, IL); 18. 83 Dave Getchell (Sperry); 19. 10 Wayne Johnson (Knoxville); DNS: 80X CJ Houseman (Des Moines); DQ: 28 Jonathan Cornell (Sedalia, MO) Heat 1: 1. M. Houseman; 2. Agan; 3. Hall; 4. Josh Schneiderman; 5. Mincer; DNF: Madsen; DNF: CJ Houseman Heat 2: 1. McCarl; 2. Moro; 3. Johnson; 4. Triplett; 5. Getchell; 6. Moore; 7. Graham Heat 3: 1. Cornell; 2. Jarrod Schneiderman; 3. Phillips; 4. Shilling; 5. Alexander; 6. Davies Dash: 1. Cornell; 2. M. Houseman; 3. Agan; 4. McCarl; 5. Jarrod Schneiderman; 6. Moro IMCA Modifieds Feature: 1. 5 Todd Shute (Des Moines); 2. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 3. 99 Jesse Sobbing (Glenwood); 4. 20 Luke Wanninger (Minburn); 5. 40 Scott Dickey (Packwood); 6. 8J AJ Johnson (New Sharon); 7. 64 Casey Greubel (Lacona); 8. 22 Brandon Banks (Washington); 9. 110 Jerad Fuller (Memphis, MO); 10. 02 Andrew Schroeder (Keswick); 11. 12H Dakota Hayden (Wilton); 12. 27W Jason Wolla (Ray, ND) Heat 1: 1. Shute; 2. Banks; 3. Dickey; 4. Sobbing; 5. Johnson; 6. Greubel Heat 2: 1. Wanninger; 2. Schroeder; 3. Hayden; 4. Carter; 5. Wolla; 6. Fuller IMCA Stock Cars Feature: 1. 33Z Zack VanderBeek (New Sharon); 2. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 3. 62 Brad Pinkerton (New Sharon); 4. 52 Nathan Wood (Sigourney); 5. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully); 6. 77T Trent Jeanes (Chariton); 7. 27J Jason Cook (Mount Pleasant); 8. 22R Todd Reitzler (Grinnell); 9. 19 Donnie Pearson (Oskaloosa); 10. 18 Kris Walker (Oskaloosa); 11. 73C Carl Yaw Jr. (Pleasant Hill); 12. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea); 13. 7S Jason Minnehan (Churdan); DNS: 94 Corey Stout (Oskaloosa) Heat 1: 1. Wood; 2. Pinkerton; 3. Carter; 4. Minnehan; 5. VanderBeek; 6. Pearson; 7. Yaw Heat 2: 1. Murty; 2. Walker; 3. Reitzler; 4. Nunnikhoven; 5. Jeanes; 6. Cook; 7. Stout IMCA Sport Mods Feature: 1. 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma); 2. 9A Logan Anderson (Oskaloosa); 3. 34Z Cory Van Zante (Sully); 4. 7 Carter VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa); 5. 85 Jason McDaniel (Eldon); 6. 1V Curtis VanDerWal (Oskaloosa); 7. 8T Tony Johnson (Oskaloosa); 8. 10R Ryan Fullenkamp (Bloomfield); 9. 01 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa); 10. 19J Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown); 11. 29 Colton Livezey (New Sharon) Heat 1: 1. VanDenBerg; 2. VanDerWal; 3. McDaniel; 4. Gustin; 5. Anderson; 6. Fullenkamp Heat 2: 1. Lowry; 2. Johnson; 3. Carter; 4. Van Zante; 5. Livezey IMCA Hobby Stocks Feature: 1. 11 Mike Hughes (Oskaloosa); 2. 19 Bill Bonnett (Knoxville); 3. 10G Dustin Griffiths (Ottumwa); 4. 84 Danny Thrasher (Agency); 5. 96R Jamie Songer (Ankeny); 6. 7A Aaron Osweiler (South English); 7. 21 Nick Ulin (Agency); 8. 33 Justin Hook (Oskaloosa); 9. 6S Shannon Sherwood (Rose Hill); 10. 32T Bobby Greene (Eddyville); 11. 3 Travis Bunnell (Hedrick); 12. 224 Gina Greubel (Lacona); 13. 9 Jared Stephens (Bussey); 14. 55 Brad Stephens Heat 1: 1. Thrasher; 2. Griffiths; 3. Bonnett; 4. Osweiler; 5. Hughes; 6. Bunnell; 7. J. Stephens Heat 2: 1. Ulin; 2. Songer; 3. B. Stephens; 4. Sherwood; 5. Greene; 6. Hook; 7. Greubel
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