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October 6, 2012
by Tony Paris
Musco Lighting Fall Challenge checkers to Kirkpatrick, Griffiths, Vanderbeek, Weyer, May, Schroeder, Walker

The final race of the 2012 season was capped off with the 26th anniversary MUSCO Lighting Fall Challenge always a tradition to make it the finals of the 2012 racing action at the Southern Iowa Speedway this past weekend. The Monster Half-Mile with racing on both Friday and Saturday night with promoter Mike Van Genderen and Southern Iowa fairboard electing to hold the show even with a brisk cool night temperatures both nights the show went on and even moved the starting time up for Saturday's show one hour earlier than advertised and the final checkers flew about 9 p.m. on the final night.

The hardy race fans in attendance saw seven classes in all in competition over the weekend. The IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA SportMods, IMCA Hobby Stocks and IMCA Sport Compacts that are regularly on the program throughout the year at the track, were joined by the Iowa Sportsman Series both nights, and the Mod Lite division on Saturday night. Friday night's racing qualified cars for Saturday night's championship feature in the Modified, Stock Car, SportMod and Hobby Stock classes and each heat winner got a trophy from WCM Metalworks of Winterset.

The winner's from each of the heats went directly to the "A" Main the following night, plus the top 4 from each of the classes qualifying features. Saturday night, the heat winners plus the 4 qualifying through the feature from the previous night, ran a dash, to determine their starting positions for the championship features. They redrew for the dash starting spots and the winner got the pole-position for the run to the big money Saturday night extravaganza. After a crisp Friday night of racing action, Saturday dawned overcast and it was really cool night again.

The hot laps action was moved from 6 p.m. up to 5 p.m. due to the cold forecast and the action for the first qualifying heats had the green flag drop right at 5:38 pm and the final checkers around 9pm. The IMCA Sport Compacts ran a 10 lap feature event; their second full program of the weekend with each winner getting a nice $200 payday. The previous night, it was Merv Chandler trumping Kevin Kirkpatrick for the win. On Saturday night, son Kassidy Kirkpatrick of Ottumwa getting a bit of revenge by beating out veteran Merv Chandler of Vinton. Kassidy Kirkpatrick aced his win by passing Chandler on the final lap and final turn, and reaching the checkers first. Third place went to Brandon Lambert of Golden, Il. and fourth was Kevin Kirkpatrick of Ottumwa and Tim Bevins of Eldon rounded out the top five.

The MADCRA Mod Lite class tried their hand at taming the Monster Half-Mile as they ran a 12-lap A main. This one was over at the drop of the green as pole sitter Josh May of Desoto the division's 2012 Champion for the second year in a row as well as track champion at both the Boone and Marshalltown Speedways and national champion he shot to the lead and pulled away and took a easy victory second place went to Daniel Keltner from Wapello, third was Mike Kennedy of Des Moines, fourth went to Joel Keenan of Des Moines, and late arrival Danny Foster of Boone was sixth.

The IMCA hobby Stocks feature went 20-laps in their Championship feature. The dash had decided the starting positions for those that had locked themselves in to the night's main and Craig Brown of Eldon sat on the pole with track champion, IMCA Super Nationals Champion, and IMCA National Champion, Shannon Anderson of Urbandale sitting to his outside. The start of the race saw Mike Hughes of Oskaloosa spinning as he approached the starter's stand, calling for a "no go" on the start. As the field regrouped and they took the green for good, Anderson beat Brown to the first corner, but Brown was able to gain back the advantage, leading lap one. The two drivers were in a good battle up front but quickly making headway from the third row, was another former IMCA National Hobby Stock champion and multi-time Super National's winner, Andy Boeckman of Wall Lake running in third. By lap nine, Boeckman had made the move around Anderson to take over the runner up spot, but Anderson fought back and regained second. Anderson's night ended with just a couple of laps remaining, when fate reared it's ugly head, sending him to the pits with a cut right front flat tire. Dustin Griffiths of Ottumwa then motored on home to take the checkers, Boeckman taking the runner up spot. Third went to weekly racer at the track, Danny Thrasher of Agency, fourth was Adam Bonnett of Melcher and Andrew Hustead of Colony, Mo. bring his pink ride home in fifth.

It was an $1,100 pay day for Griffiths after Edel Lawn Care gave an extra $100 on top of the $1000 prize making it a nice $1100. Up Next came the IMCA SportMod division. The dash had set the front row and it found Eric Flander of Barnes City and Carter VandenBerg of Oskaloosa sitting beside each other. In recognition of the 26th running of the MUSCO Lighting Fall Challenge, the race was set for 26 laps of feature racing. The race was running at a great clip and was going caution free, as Carter VandenBerg was sailing easily out front. It wasn't until lap eighteen, when a pesky yellow finally flew when Tony Johnson of Oskaloosa smacked the wall in turn two, interrupting the racing. As the clean up of debris began, the 7 machine of VandenBerg had a flat left rear tire. With VandenBerg going to the pits for a tire change, the restart gave the lead to Bryon Weyer, out of the capital city of Des Moines. Weyer went the rest of the distance to the checkers, grabbing the $1,300 win. Local Curtis VanDerWal drove past Eric Flander in the final laps as he finished second and third went to Eric Flander. Fourth went to Bill Gibson of Knoxville and Jared Timmerman, Norwalk, Iowa, was fifth.

The IMCA Stock Car class also went 26 laps in their Championship event. The first lap was led by Elijah Zegenbergen, a driver who runs regularly at the Buena Vista Raceway up in Alta, Iowa and who had made the long haul down from the far northwestern part of Iowa for both nights. His lead lasted until lap three, when Zack VanderBeek of New Sharon who has turned many laps at the track over the years, took over the race lead. From there on, it was a case of "try and catch Zack" race as he pulled away to a sizable lead and captured the $1,300 payday driving the Roger Kelderman car to the win. The real race ended up being for second and third with Zegenbergen and Brad Pinkerton of New Sharon going at it in a good battle. Pinkerton ended up winning the war on that one, as he took second place over Zegenbergen in third. Fourth went to Columbus, Nebraska driver Doug Adamy, and Derek Agee of Moberly, Mo. taking the top five.

There was $1,600 payday on the line in the IMCA Modified "A" main championship feature. The earlier dash for starting spots had positioned young Andrew Schroeder of Keswick and Josh Foster of Fort Madison on the front row. Schroeder took off to the lead easily, but Foster had issues when sparks flew from beneath his ride on lap one with a flywheel problem ending his night. He soon exited to the infield. Billy Davis, Jr.of Des Moines sent the familiar looking yellow 1+ to the second place, Greg Cox of Altoona riding along in third. Cayden Carter of Oskaloosa who had started at the tail after getting caught up in an incident earlier in a qualifying event involving himself, Jacob Murray of Hartford and Ron Lauritzen of Jesup leaving the two with too much damage to race, now was making a bid for second after passing Cox. With but two laps remaining, that infamous turn two wall came into play again, when Bill Crimmins tore off a few parts after kissing it, bring out the yellow and setting up a green-white-checkered finish. As the race restarted, Carter saw his chance and grabbed second place around Davis, but the leader Schroeder was not to be denied the win tonight, as he raced to the checkers first. Carter finished in second, Davis was third, Cox took fourth and Brandon Banks was fifth.

The Iowa Sportsman Series 30-lap feature was about to pull onto the track for the final wheel pounding for 2012, Kris Walker would pass Dave Rodda for the victory with Rodda in second followed by Matt Deaton in third and Gene Tish in fourth.

The 2013 season will see IMCA sanctioned action return again and will most likely open with a Frost Buster special in late March or early April. We want to thank everyone who made it out to support the Southern Iowa Speedway in 2012.

26th Annual Musco Lighting Fall Challenge Night #2
Southern Iowa Speedway, Oskaloosa, IA
Saturday, October 6, 2012

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat #1: 1. 92 Kevin Kirkpatrick (Ottumwa); 2. 2 Merv Chandler (Vinton); 3. 77 John Whalen (Ainsworth); 4. 66R Richie Arnold (Bloomfield); 5. 14L Craig Bangert (Golden, IL); 6. 4 Larry Hopkins (Ottumwa)

Heat #2: 1. 27 Kassidy Kirkpatrick (Ottumwa); 2. 04 Trent Orwig (Blakesburg); 3. 71 Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL); 4. 29 Kevin Garrett (Bloomfield); 5. 77T Tony Baughman (Keota)

Feature: 1. 2 Merv Chandler; 2. 92 Kevin Kirkpatrick; 3. 27 Kassidy Kirkpatrick; 4. 77 John Whalen; 5. 14L Craig Bangert; 6. 04 Trent Orwig; 7. 71 Kimberly Abbott; 8. 29 Kevin Garrett; 9. 66R Richie Arnold; 10. 77TTony Baughman; DNS: 4 Larry Hopkins

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat #1: 1. 62B Andy Boeckman (Wall Lake); 2. 78 Shannon Anderson (Urbandale); 3. 27X Jason Kohl (Missouri Valley); 4. 18H Mike Hughes (Oskaloosa); 5. 84 Danny Thrasher (Agency); 6. 69 Craig Brown (Eldon); 7. 27 Jesse Garrett (Batavia); 8. 31X Adam Bonnett (Martensdale); 9. 113X Roger Vandenbrink (Sanbourne); 10. 224 Gina Greubel (Lacona)

Heat #2: 1. 10G Dustin Griffiths (Ottumwa); 2. 3C Clayton Crump (Centralia, MO); 3. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully); 4. 224X Casey Greubel (Lacona); 5. 32T Bobby Greene (Eddyville); 6. 17 Andy Peck (Newton); 7. 4JJ Jason Riegel (Burmingham); 8. 57 Scott Shull (Eldon); 9. 18 Kris Walker (Oskaloosa)

Feature: 1. 18H Mike Hughes; 2. 78 Shannon Anderson; 3. 32T Bobby Greene; 4. 69 Craig Brown; 5. 84 Danny Thrasher; 6. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven; 7. 31X Adam Bonnett; 8. 224X Casey Greubel; 9. 57 Scott Shull; 10. 27 Jesse Garrett 11. 113X Roger Vandenbrink; 12. 224 Gina Greubel; 13. 17 Andy Peck; 14. 27X Jason Kohl; 15. 3C Clayton Crump; 16. 4JJ Jason Riegel; DNS: 18 Kris Walker

IMCA SportMods

Heat #1: 1. 27 Bryan Weyer (Des Moines); 2. 12 Eric Flander (Barnes City); 3.32L Ty Luellen (Minburn); 4. 95 Brad Iverson (Grinnell); 5. 01 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa); 6. 8T Tony Johnson (Oskaloosa); 7. 40 George Gilliland (Lehigh); 8. 53 Greg Strohman (Webster); 9. 71 Glen Gladson (Des Moines); 10. 20J Jeremy Grantham (Clarksville)

Heat #2: 1. 36 Jason Mallicoat (Jefferson); 2. 7 Carter VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa); 3. 74 Rick Gladson (Des Moines); 4. 1 Curtis VanDerWal (Oskaloosa); 5. 7+ Jared Timmerman (Norwalk); 6. 23JR Nick Roberts (Des Moines); 7. 20G Michael Grantham (Fort Calhoun, NE); 8. 21 Matt Lettow (Roland); 9. 12X Brandon Dale (Gorin, MO); 10. 57 Tyler Gross (Bondurant)

Heat #3: 1. 198 Sam Wieben (Dysart); 2. 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma); 3. 9 Mitch Van Engen (Doon); 4. 38 Bill Gibson (Knoxville); 5. 43 Jeremiah Jones (Eldon); 6. 63 Rick Fasse (Urbandale); 7. 33R DJ Robinson (Des Moines); 8. 101 Derek St. Clair (Donnellson); 9. 24 Alec Vandenbrink (Orange City)

Feature: 1. 7 Carter VanDenBerg; 2. 1 Curtis VanDerWal; 3. 38 Bill Gibson; 4. 12 Eric Flander; 5. 74 Rick Gladson; 6. 32L Ty Luellen; 7. 9 Mitch Van Engen; 8. 95 Brad Iverson; 9. 7+ Jared Timmerman; 10. 72 Brett Lowry; 11. 8T Tony Johnson; 12. 43 Jeremiah Jones; 13. 21 Matt Lettow; 14. 20G Michael Grantham; 15. 23JR Nick Roberts; 16. 33R DJ Robinson; 17. 12X Brandon Dale; 18. 01 Brayton Carter; 19. 63 Rick Fasse; 20. 24 Alec Vandenbrink; 21. 53 Greg Strohman; 22. 40 George Gilliland; 23. 101 Derek St. Clair; 24. 71 Glen Gladson; 25. 20J Jeremy Grantham; 26. 57 Tyler Gross

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. 66Z Elijah Zevenbergen (Ocheydan); 2. 22R Todd Reitzler (Grinnell); 3. 31S Paul Shepherd (Marengo); 4. 25C Shane Paris (Muscatine); 5. 11X Shay Curtin (Cresco); 6. 27S Doug Seidl (Grimes); 7. 1 Chad Scandrett (Pleasantville); 8. 48 Cody Agee (Huntsville, MO)

Heat #2: 1. 78 Jeff Anderson (Atlantic); 2. 33Z Zack Vanderbeek (New Sharon); 3. 62 Brad Pinkerton (New Sharon); 4. 93 Doug Adamy (Columbus, NE); 5. 12 Dave Rodda (Pleasantville); 6. 409 Howard Gordon Jr. (Oskaloosa); 7. 72 Jerry Pilcher (Bloomfield); 8. 77T David Saffell (Chariton)

Heat #3: 1.14 Derrick Agee (Moberly, MO); 2. 73C Carl Yaw Jr. (Pleasant Hill); 3. 27 Mike Johnston (Des Moines); 4. 19A Alan Van Gorp (Des Moines); 5. 7K Jeremy Kane (Pleasantville); 6. 52 Nathan Wood (Sigourney); 7. 17R Derek Reimer (Marshalltown); 8. 94 Corey Stout (Oskaloosa)

Feature: 1. 11X Shay Curtin; 2. 93 Doug Adamy; 3. 19A Alan Van Gorp; 4. 27S Doug Seidl; 5. 22R Todd Reitzler; 6. 25C Shane Paris; 7. 33Z Zack Vanderbeek; 8. 52 Nathan Wood; 9. 62 Brad Pinkerton; 10. 31S Paul Shepherd; 11. 94 Corey Stout; 12. 409 Howard Gordon Jr.; 13. 27 Mike Johnston; 14. 73C Carl Yaw Jr.; 15. 48 COdy Agee; 16. 12 Dave Rodda; 17. 17R Derek Reimer; 18. 7K Jeremy Kane; 19. 1 Chad Scandrett; 20. 72 Jerry Pilcher; 21. 77T David Saffell

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. 77F Josh Foster (Fort Madison); 2. 10K Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup); 3. 71W Jeff Waterman (Quincy, IL); 4. 62 Greg Cox (Altoona); 5. 68 Bill Crimmins (Fort Dodge); 6. 7W Mark Widmar (Oskaloosa); 7. 51 Tyler Vandekamp (Ankeny); 8. 5 Todd Shute (Des Moines)

Heat #2: 1. 18 Jake Durbin (Perry); 2. 1+ Bill Davis Jr. (Des Moines); 3. 36 Jeff Conner (Panora); 4. 5M Matthew Meinecke (Madrid); 5. 48J Jacob Murray (Hartford); 6. 02 Andrew Schroeder( Kewswick); 7. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 8. 22 Brandon Banks (Washington)

Feature: 1. 1+ Bill Davis Jr.; 2. 68 Bill Crimmins; 3. 71W Jeff Waterman; 4. 02 Andrew Schroeder; 5. 7W Mark Widmar; 6. 36 Jeff Conner; 7. 10K Ronn Lauritzen; 8. 62 Greg Cox; 9. 51 Tyler Vandekamp; 10. 5M Matthew Meinecke; 11. 10C Cayden Carter; 12. 48J Jacob Murray; 13. 5 Todd Shute; 14. 22 Brandon Banks

Iowa Sportsman Series

Heat: 1. 45 Matt Deaton; 2. 54 Gene Tish; 3. 12 Dave Rodda; 4. 73 Aaron Martin; 5. 9 Gerry Phillips; 6. 18 Adrian DeHeer; 7. 77 Travis Dawson; 8. 10S Dave Seson; 9. 17 Andy Peck; 10. 11X Joe Icenbice; 11. 4 Chad Reynolds; 12. 42 Phil Rowley; 13. 4J Jack Van Dyke; 14. 1 CHad Scandrett; 15. 14 Roger Dickerson; DNS: 18W Kris Walker

Feature: 1. 54 Gene Tish; 2. 12 Dave Rodda; 3. 9 Gerry Phillips; 4. 18 Adrian DeHeer; 5. 77 Travis Dawson; 6. 10S Dave Seson; 7. 17 Andy Peck; 8. 4 Chad Reynolds; 9. 42 Phil Rowley; 10. 11X Joe Icenbice; 11. 4J Jack Van Dyke; 12. 45 Matt Deaton; 13. 73 Aaron Martin; DNS: 1 Chad Scandrett; 14 Roger Dickerson; 18W Kris Walker

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