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June 6, 2012
Thrilling Night at SIS


(Oskaloosa, Iowa) The Southern Iowa Speedway had a rain shortened program last week and the Johnís Tree Service night was rescheduled and then it would be the Community 1st Credit Union Night with a IMCA Hobby Stock Special with a $500 payday for the winner and two teams competed in a obstacle course sponsored by Community 1st Credit Union in Oskaloosa. So the large crowd was treated to some action packed action and the action was finished by 10:45PM. Another special feature of the night was shaving Hollywood Brandon Banks of Washington head to raise money for six year old Payton Schultz to help Payton's family cover medical expenses the family has endured. The drivers took up a collection and the great fans that come out to the Southern Iowa Speedway donated a very nice amount that totaled $1643.00 which was outstanding. The night kicked off with  heat races for the Autocrafters/ Whalen Racing Sport Compacts and  Pyramid Graphics IMCA Sport Mods. In the Sport Mods heat race number one would see a very scary incident as Bryon Weyer of Des Moines would have something break at first it but a transmission would explode and parts would fly into the driver compartment of  Ben Kates from Tonganoxie, Kansas who would get hit in the helmet with that piece that broke off and  Kates would be taking to the Mahaska County Hospital where he would receive a few stitches and would later return back to the race track. The first feature of the night was the Tracy Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks Make-Up feature and it was Bobby Greene capturing the top spot early but Shannon Anderson would be a tear and take the lead away on lap 5. Anderson would go on and take his 4th win of the season at Osky. Greene would finish 2nd, Kevin Fee was 3rd, Donavon Nunnikhoven was 4th and Danny Thrasher was 5th.
In the Carter Manufacturing IMCA stock cars with Colt Mather of Webster taking the lead and appeared he would go on and take the win but Matt Greiner of Washington and Todd Reitzler of Grinnell would chase him down and take over the top spots. Greiner would get the win with Reitzler in 2nd and Mather in 3rd. Damon Murty of Chelsea and Zack Vanderbeek of New Sharon would finish 4th and 5th.In the Musco Lighting  modifieds make-Up feature it was Jeff Waterman from Quincy, Illinois taking the lead early but Scott Dickey would be right there and try every shot to get by Waterman but every shot was unsuccessful until the white flag was displayed as Dickey would get by Waterman to take over the lead. Dickey would take the win and Waterman would finish 2nd. Greg Cox, Jacob Murray and Josh Foster would round out the top 5. In the Auto Crafters IMCA Sport compacts Larry Hopkins of Ottumwa would lead the first 2 laps but Merv Chandler of Vinton and Bill Whalen Jr.  of Riverside would sneak by on lap 3. Chandler would go on and take his 4th win in a row and 5th of the season at Osky. Whalen would settle for 2nd with Hopkins in 3rd. Cory Houk of Drakesville and Anthony Cassat of Bloomfield was 4th and 5th. The Pyramid Graphics and Sports IMCA Sport Mods feature would see Jason Hall lead the first 4 laps before the "Tasmanian devil" Jesse Sobbing would take over the lead. Sobbing would go on and take the win, his 3rd feature win at Osky. Brett Lowry would work his way up to 2nd, Scott Davis would finish 3rd, Hall was 4th and Curtis Vanderwal was 5th .The Tracy Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks regular feature would see Kevin Fee jump out to the early lead but with in 2 laps Shannon Anderson would make his way up to 2nd after starting 7th. On lap 3, Anderson would make the pass and take the lead away from Fee and shortly after the only race caution would come out. Anderson would go on and take his 5th win of the season at Osky. Dustin Griffiths would take 2nd, Danny Thrasher would finish 3rd, Fee would end up 4th and Andrew Hustead was 5th. The Carter's Manufacturing IMCA Stock Cars regular feature would see a battle between several drivers familiar with the Southern Iowa Speedway. Brad Pinkerton would take the lead but it wasn't easy as Colt Mather would be right there for the first 5 laps but then Zack Vanderbeek would take over 2nd and set his sights on Pinkerton. Pinkerton and Vanderbeek would be racing side-by-side for several laps with Pinkerton holding on to the lead until lap 12 when Vanderbeek would get by. Pinkerton wouldn't give up and continue to battle with Vanderbeek but it would all fall short as Vanderbeek would go on take his 2nd win of the season at Osky. Pinkerton, Mather, Damon Murty and Nathan Wood rounded out the top 5. The final feature of the night was the Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds feature and it was Mark Widmar  of Ottumwa leading the first 2 laps before Tim Murty of Tama would take the top spot on lap 3. Murty's lead would be short lived as Jacob Murray Hartford hustler would take over the lead on lap 4. Murray would go on and take his 3rd win of the season at Osky despite a mid-race caution for a car getting into a tractor tire. Josh Foster would finish 2nd, Tyler Cale was 3rd, Cayden Carter was 4th and Tim Murty was 5th.Next Wednesday Night it will be Yaws Auto Salvage Night at the Races. Albia, Lynnville & Sully residents get in for $5, also the first 250 fans will get $2 off admission. Also it will be Halloween Night where the youngsters and adults are asked to wear costumes to the races and go trick-or-treat and visit with the drivers before the races with prizes awarded to the top 5 adults and bikes to the kids. Also added money in the IMCA stock cars from Corey Stout racing and the hobby stocks having Supreme Lawn and Landscaping adding a extra $100 to the winner and a extra $50.00 going to the second spot the next three weeks. The Pyramid Graphics IMCA sport mods will have a extra $100 to win in this division.

Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds
Make-Up Feature: 1. 40 Scott Dickey (Packwood, IA); 2. 71W Jeff Waterman (Quincy, IL); 3. 62 Greg Cox (Altoona, IA); 4. 48J Jacob Murray (Hartford, IA); 5. 77F Josh Foster (Fort Madison, IA); 6. 12H Dakota Hayden (Wilton, IA); 7. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA); 8. 99M Tim Murty (Tama, IA); 9. 14 Tyler Cale (Donnellson, IA); 10. 7W Mark Widmar (Ottumwa, IA); 11. 02 Andrew Schroeder (Keswick, IA); 12. 77 Jim Lynch (Bloomfield, IA); 13. 20DUB Shane Weller (Agency, IA); 14. 22 Brandon Banks (Washington, IA); 15. 17 Steve Pumphrey (Fairfield, IA); 16. 1+ Bill Davis Jr. (Des Moines, IA); 17. 49T Tim Stevens (Cedar Rapids, IA); 18. 13 Matt Waugh (Des Moines, IA)

Heat #1: 40 Scott Dickey
Heat #2: 48J Jacob Murray

Feature: 1. 48J Jacob Murray; 2. 77F Josh Foster; 3. 14 Tyler Cale; 4. 10C Cyaden Carter; 5. 99M Tim Murty; 6. 40 Scott Dickey; 7. 7W Mark Widmar; 8. 62 Greg Cox; 9. 22 Brandon Banks; 10. 71W Jeff Waterman; 11. 02 Andrew Schroeder; 12. 17 Steve Pumphrey; 13. 12H Dakota Hayden; 14. 13 Matt Waugh; 15. 49T Tim Stevens; DNS: 20DUB Shane Weller; DNS: 77 Jim Lynch; DNS: 1+ Bill Davis Jr.

Carter's Manufacturing IMCA Stock Cars
Make-Up Feature: 1. 29 Matt Greiner (Washington, IA); 2. 22R Todd Reitzler (Grinnell, IA); 3. 8 Colt Mather (Agency, IA); 4. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea, IA); 5. 33Z Zack Vanderbeek (New Sharon, IA); 6. 94 Corey Stout (Oskaloosa, IA); 7. 30J Alex Buffington (Wapello, IA); 8. 52 Nathan Wood (Sigourney, IA); 9. 15K Kyle Harwood (Oskaloosa, IA); 10. 49G Leroy Groenendyk (Oskaloosa, IA); 11. 88H Rich Hemsley (Sigourney, IA); 12. 19A Alan Van Gorp (Knoxville, IA); 13. 27 Gary Bass (Des Moines, IA); 14. 7 Todd Phillips (Packwood, IA); 15. 73C Carl Yaw Jr. (Des Moines, IA); 16. 55 Steve Hill (Des Moines, IA); 17. 62 Brad Pinkerton (New Sharon, IA); 18. 44 Todd Fisher (Des Moines, IA); 19. 22S Toby Smith (Oskaloosa, IA); 20. 39 Clayton Garden (Oskaloosa, IA)

Heat #1: 62 Brad Pinkerton
Heat #2: 29 Matt Greiner
Heat #3: 33Z Zack Vanderbeek

Feature: 1. 33Z Zack Vanderbeek; 2. 62 Brad Pinkerton; 3. 8 Colt Mather; 4. 99D Damon Murty; 5. 52 Nathan Wood; 6. 29 Matt Greiner; 7. 30J Alex Buffington; 8. 49G Leroy Groenendyk; 9. 88H Rich Hemsley; 10. 94 Corey Stout; 11. 27 Gary Bass; 12. 7 Todd Phillips; 13. 15K Kyle Harwood; 14. 22S Toby Smith; 15. 39 Clayton Garden; 16. 73C Carl Yaw Jr.; 17. 44 Todd Fisher; 18. 19A Alan Van Gorp; 19. 22R Todd Reitzler; DNS: 55 Steve Hill

Pyramid Graphics and Sports IMCA SportMods
Heat #1: 01 Brayton Carter
Heat #2: 72 Brett Lowry

Feature: 1. 99 Jesse Sobbing (Glenwood, IA); 2. 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma, IA); 3. 81D Scott Davis (Madrid, IA); 4. 95J Jason Hall (Grinnell, IA); 5. 1 Curtis Vanderwal (Oskaloosa, IA); 6. 12 Eric Flander (Barnes City, IA); 7. 8T Tony Johnson (Oskaloosa, IA); 8. 7 Carter Vandenberg (Oskaloosa, IA); 9. 38 Bill Gibson (Knoxville, IA); 10. 85 Jason McDaniel (Eldon, IA); 11. 10R Ryan Fullenkamp (Bloomfield, IA); 12. 01 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa, IA); 13. 8 Tom Lathrop (Ottumwa, IA); 14. 27 Bryon Weyer (Des Moines, IA); 15. 48R Brandon Greene (Williamsburg, IA); 16. 30X Josh Modde (Des Moines, IA); 17. 23K Ben Kates (Tonganoxie, KS)

Tracy Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks
Make-Up Feature: 1. 78 Shannon Anderson (Urbandale, IA); 2. 32T Bobby Greene (Eddyville, IA); 3. 52 Kevin Fee (Knoxville, IA); 4. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully, IA); 5. 84 Danny Thrasher (Agency, IA); 6. 7B Eric Stanton (Hartford, IA); 7. 10G Dustin Griffiths (Ottumwa, IA); 8. 96R Jamie Songer (Des Moines, IA); 9. 33 Justin Hook (Oskaloosa, IA); 10. 51 Matt Webb (Des Moines, IA); 11. 12K Eric Knutson (Slater, IA); 12. 6 Jarred Gann (Sigourney, IA); 13. 20 Andrew Hustead (Rutledge, MO); 14. 27C Cory Adams (Des Moines, IA); 15. 69 Craig Brown (Eldon, IA); 16. 00 Kyle Dirks (Nevada, IA); 17. 76 Richard Puhlka Jr. (Des Moines, IA); DNS: 52M Mark Fee (Knoxville, IA)

Heat #1: 10G Dustin Griffiths
Heat #2: 78 Shannon Anderson

Feature: 1. 78 Shannon Anderson; 2. 10G Dustin Griffiths; 3. 84 Danny Thrasher; 4. 52 Kevin Fee; 5. 20 Andrew Hustead; 6. 33 Justin Hook; 7. 32T Bobby Greene; 8. 69 Craig Brown; 9. 96R Jamie Songer; 10. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven; 11. 51 Matt Webb; 12. 00 Kyle Dirks; 13. 76 Richard Puhlka Jr.; 14. 77 Sam Hodges; 15. 12K Eric Knutson; 16. 27c Cory Adams; 17. 7B Eric Stanton; 18. 6 Jarred Gann

Autocrafters/Whalen Racing IMCA Sport Compacts
Heat: 2 Merv Chandler

Feature: 1. 2 Merv Chandler (Vinton, IA); 2. 00w Bill Whalen Jr. (Riverside, IA); 3. 4 Larry Hopkins (Bloomfield, IA); 4. 48 Cory Houk (Drakesville, IA); 5. 15A Anthony Cassat (Bloomfield, IA); 6. 59R Ronald McCish (Union, IA); 7. 77 John Whalen (Ainsworth, IA)

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