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May 17, 2012
VanBusKirk Pockets $500 in Sportmod Special




BY: Tony Paris


(Oskaloosa, Iowa) The nights sponsor was Supreme Lawn & Landscaping of Johnston which would also have several giveaways and a kidís candy toss. Also before the race Jamie Songer the owner of Supreme Lawn & Landscaping would honor a very special lady Lori Kneebower on the front-stretch who has been fighting breast cancer but wanted to be in attendance for the races and also to celebrate Jamieís birthday. The night would also see the IMCA Sport Mods race for some extra cash $500 payday and the Stock Cars would have a King of the Hill winner take all $100 payday and was sponsored by Edel Lawn Care of Oskaloosa.

In the Edel Lawn Care IMCA Stock Car King of the Hill it was Damon Murty the Chelsea charger taking home the cash over with Colt Mather, Corey Stout and Matt Greiner all earning a free pit pass for next weeks race program. Stout would receive a bye in the 1st round, Mather would defeat Todd Reitzler, Greiner would defeat Rich Vogt, Murty would defeat Nathan Wood. Semifinals would see Mather beating Stout and Murty defeating Greiner for the win.

The Autocrafters/Whalen Racing IMCA Sport Compacts 8 lap feature was the first feature of the night would see Larry Hopkins of Ottumwa lead the first lap but Merv Chandler of Vinton driving a different car tonight, would make the pass on lap 2 to take the lead. Chandler would lead the last 7 laps to take the win with John Whalen of Ainsworth, Bill Whalen Jr, of Riverside, Hopkins and Mark Williams of Eddyville rounded out the top 5.

In the Tracy Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks 14 lap feature it was Bobby Greene taking the early race lead. Shannon Anderson would take the lead from Greene on lap 6 and go on to the win in the green-to-checkered feature. Eric Stanton finished 2nd, John Watson was 3rd, Kevin Fee was 4th and Danny Thrasher was 5th.

Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds would also go green-to-checkered 15 laps and it was Brandon Banks leading the fisrt 7 laps. Banks would be passed on lap 8 by Rookie Cayden Carter. Carter would go on and take the win with Banks in 2nd. Greg Cox, Shane Weller and Jeff Conner finished 3rd through 5th.

Up next was the Carter Manufacturing IMCA Stock Cars feature. Rich Vogt would lead the first 2 laps but it was Matt Greiner taking the lead. Greiner would until the only race caution came out for a couple of tractor tires on the race track. On the restart it was Damon Murty getting by Greiner to take the lead. Murty would go on and take the win completing the sweep on the night. Greiner, Todd Reitzler, Nathan Wood and Todd Fisher rounded out the top 5.

Final feature of the night was the Pyramid Graphics & Sports IMCA SportMod 20 lap feature and before a single lap was completed the caution would fly twice. First caution was for debris in turn 1 and the second caution was for something breaking in the front end of Eric Flander's car. When the race got going it was Racer Hulin taking the lead but after 1 lap was completed the caution would come out again this time for something breaking on Jesse Sobbing's car. On the restart it was Scott VanBusKirk making the pass to take the lead. After the field had completed lap 10 there would be a 5 minute pit stop on the front straightaway.

During the pit stop teams could only change 1 tire but do whatever they wanted to the car. When the race resumed it was VanBusKirk still leading but Curtis Vanderwal would make the pass on lap 14 to take the lead. VanBusKirk wouldn't give up though as he would get by Vanderwal when Vanderwal would slide up the race track. VanBusKirk would take the win, Vanderwal came home 2nd, Racer Hulin was 3rd, Brett Lowry was 4th and Jenae Gustin was 5th.

Racing came to an end at 10:15pm and will resume again next Wednesday Night at the Southern Iowa Speedway with Jerry's Automotive of Oskaloosa Night along with a feature special from Speedway Illustrated on hand doing a featured article for a upcoming publication and residents of Eddyville and Rose Hill get in for $5. Something the fans donít want to miss is a relay race with drivers and fans racing wheel bars and something else for a chance to win prizes and compete with a favorite driver. Pits Open at 5p, Grandstands at 6p, Hot Laps at 7p and Racing to Follow.

For more information check out or Sis Osky on Facebook.

Autocrafters/Whalen Racing IMCA Sport Compacts
Heat #1: 1. 4 Larry Hopkins, Bloomfield; 2. 77 John Whalen, Ainsworth; 3. 00W Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside; 4. 2 Merv Chandler, Vinton; 5. 52 Mark Williams, Eddyville

Feature: 1. Chandler 2. J. Whalen 3. B. Whalen 4. Hopkins 5. Williams

Tracy Elevator IMCA Hobby Stocks
Heat #1: 1. 78 Shannon Anderson, Urbandale; 2. 32T Bobby Greene, Eddyville; 3. 84 Danny Thrasher, Agency; 4. 52 Mark Fee, Knoxville; 5. 7B Eric Stanton, Hartford; 6. 33 Justin Hook, Oskaloosa; 7. 6 Jarred Gann, Sigourney

Heat #2: 1. 96R Jamie Songer, Ankeny; 2. 4W John Watson, Des Moines; 3. 21 Nick Ulin, Agency; 4. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven, Sully; 5. 20 Andrew Hustead, Rutledge, MO; 6. 181 Zach Hahn, Sigourney

Feature: 1. Anderson 2. Stanton 3. Watson 4. Fee 5. Thrasher 6. Ulin 7. Nunnikhoven 8. Songer 9. Hook 10. Gann 11. Hustead 12. Greene DNS - Hahn

Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds
Heat: 1. 22 Brandon Banks, Washington; 2. 12H Dakota Hayden, Wilton; 3. 62 Greg Cox, Altoona; 4. 10 Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 5. 36 Jeff Conner, Panora; 6. 4D Doug Pratt, Kalona; 7. 20DUB Shane Weller, Agency

Feature: 1. Carter 2. Banks 3. Cox 4. Weller 5. Conner 6. Pratt 7. Hayden

Carter Manufacturing IMCA Stock Cars
Heat #1: 1. 99D Damon Murty, Chelsea; 2. 15K Kyle Harwood, Oskaloosa; 3. 8 Colt Mather, Webster; 4. 94 Corey Stout, Oskaloosa; 5. 44 Todd Fisher, Des Moines; 6. 73C Carl Yaw Jr., Des Moines; 7. 30J Alex Buffington Wapello; 8. 46B Michael Bilyeu, Indianola

Heat #2: 1. 38 Rich Vogt, Fairfield; 2. 52 Nathan Wood, Keswick; 3. 22R Todd Reitzler, Grinnell; 4. 29 Matt Greiner, Washington; 5. 7 Todd Phillips, Packwood; 6. 49G Leroy Groenendyk, Oskaloosa; 7. 88H Rich Hemsley, Sigourney; 8. 77t David Saffell, Chariton

Feature: 1. Murty 2. Greiner 3. Reitzler 4. Wood 5. Fisher 6. Buffington 7. Hemsley 8. Phillips 9. Vogt 10. Stout 11. Groenendyk 12. Yaw 13. Mather 14. Harwood DNS- Saffell, Bilyeu

Pyramid Graphics and Sports IMCA SportMods
Heat #1: 1. 85 Jason McDaniel, Eldon; 2. 505 Racer Hulin, Laurel; 3. 7 Carter Vandenberg, Oskaloosa; 4. 12 Eric Flander, Barnes City; 5. 8 Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa; 6. 36 Matt Pittman, Waterloo; 7. 16 Mike Shelton, Ottumwa; 8. 38 Bill Gibson, Knoxville

Heat #2: 1. 8T Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa; 2. 27 Bryan Weyer, Des Moines; 3. 72 Brett Lowry, Montezuma; 4. 1 Curtis Vanderwal, Oskaloosa; 5. 19J Jenae Gustin, Marshalltown; 6. 198 Sam Weiben, Dysart; 7. 777 Jayme Duinink, Pella; 8. 30X Josh Modde, Des Moines

Heat #3: 1. 99 Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood; 2. 01 Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa; 3. 25 Scott VanBusKirk, Hedrick; 4. 10R Ryan Ryan Fullencamp, Bloomfield; 5. 1x Randy Roberts, Boone; 6. 03 Mark Mundell, Ottumwa; 7. 95J Jason Hall, Grinnell

Feature: 1. VanBusKirk 2. Vanderwal 3. Hulin 4. Lowry 5. Gustin 6. Vandenberg 7.Roberts 8. Weyer 9. McDaniel 10. Fullencamp 11. Gibson 12. Weiben 13. Modde 14. Johnson 15. Shelton 16. Mundell 17. Pittman 18. Lathrop 19. Hall 20. Duinink 21. Carter 22. Sobbing 23. Flander

Courtesy: Tony Paris
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