Whalen, Hughes, VanDerWal, Vanderbeek and Dickey Takes Victories on 1st Community Credit Union Night

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July 31, 2013

By Jeremy Fox

Oskaloosa, Iowa (July 31st, 2013) –  Another night where the

weather was absolutely beautiful and the racing was great. Fans in attendance also

got some added attraction with a King of the Hill in both the Stock Cars and

Modifieds plus some Wheelbarrow Races.

In the Stock Car King of the Hill it was Jason Cook, Zack Vanderbeek and Damon

Murty all taking first round wins. Murty had the most wins in the first round

so he advantage to the finals and had a rematch with Vanderbeek, who beat Cook

in the semifinal. Vanderbeek got revenge on Murty in the finals and take the

win, Vanderbeek won a new Hoosier tire.

Modified King of the Hill was swept by Bill Davis Jr. as he claimed five wins

by beating Bill Gibson, Andrew Schroeder, Todd Shute, Cayden Carter and Tyler

Groenendyk. Davis got a brand new Hoosier tire for his efforts.

Meanwhile right after that wheel barrow races happened and it was Scott Dickey

and Brayton Carter winning in the final over Rich Vogt and Todd Shute. Dickey

and Carter will receive a free pit pass when the speedway returns with weekly

racing on August 21st.

First feature of the night was the IMCA Sport Compacts feature and it was Trent

Orwig grabbing the lead on the opening lap. Orwig’s lead was short lived as on

lap two he experience troubles and came to a stop in turn four, this handed the

lead over John Whalen. Whalen held off several challenges through the remaining

laps from Shawn Cooney to take the win. It was Whalen’s third of the season at

SIS and it gives him the points lead as Merv Chandler and Bill Whalen Jr.

didn’t compete on the night. Cooney came home in the runner-up position, Matt

Moore finish third and Trent Orwig was fourth.

Steve Allen grabbed the lead early in the Pepsi Cola IMCA Hobby Stocks feature

but Dustin Griffiths worked his way into second on lap 2. Griffiths set his

sights and trying to get by and race side by side with Allen until lap six when

it was Griffiths grabbing the lead. Griffith saw Bill Bonnett follow suit and

then Mike Hughes. Hughes was on a mission as he grabbed second away from Allen

and Bonnett on lap ten and then grabbed the lead away on lap twelve. Hughes

went on to take his fifth win of the season at Osky. Griffiths, Bonnett, Allen

and Aaron Osweiler rounded out the top five.

In the Pyramid Graphics and Sports IMCA Sport Mods feature it was AJ Johnson

grabbing the lead but on lap four, Johnson slid up the race track and open the

bottom side for Brayton Carter, Carter snuck by and then shortly after the

yellow waved when Logan Anderson hit a tractor tire in turn two while running

third. On the restart, Leroy Groenendyk had a slip of the grip in turn two.

Carter remained out front until his cousin Carter VanDenBerg grabbed the top

spot away on lap nine. Carter and VanDenBerg race for the lead until lap twelve

when the red flag came after Carter made contact with a tractor tire that sent

him rolling, Carter was okay but ended his run. VanDenBerg had to deal with

Curtis VanDerWal, Eric Flander and Brett Lowry on the restart. VanDerWal made

the right move and grabbed the top spot away on lap fourteen and cruised on to

win number eight at his hometown track. VanDenBerg came home in second, Lowry

came across in third but was disqualified in post-race tech so that handed

third over to Flander. Tyler Heckard and AJ Johnson rounded out the top five.

Final feature of the night was the Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds feature and

before a single lap could be completed the caution waved when Tyler Groenendyk

and Jacob Murray spun in turn one. When the race got going it was Scott Dickey

grabbing the lead and even after a debris caution on lap three it was all over.

Dickey took the win with Todd Shute in second, Cayden Carter in third, Brandon

Banks in fourth and Bill Davis Jr. in fifth.

Weekly Racing will now take a couple of weeks off because of Sprint Week and

the State Fair and return on Wednesday Night August 21st for Support American

Farmers Night plus the final night for the IMCA Late Models. Hot Laps at 7pm

and Racing at 7:30pm.

Next week though the Speedway will host  the 18th Annual Musco Lighting

Front Row Challenge featuring ASCS Sprints and NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart on

Monday Night August 5th and then the Casey’s General Stores Ultimate Challenge

presented by Searsboro Telephone Co. on Tuesday  6th.  For tickets

next week call (515) 957-0020.

Southern Iowa Speedway Results

1st Community Credit Union Night

July 31st, 2013

Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds

1. 40 Scott Dickey (Packwood); 2. 5 Todd Shute (Des Moines); 3.

10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 4. 22 Brandon Banks (Washington); 5. 1+ Bill

Davis Jr. (Des Moines); 6. 77 Jeff Mueller (New London); 7. 38 Bill Gibson

(Knoxville); 8. 7W Jerry Pilcher (Bloomfield); 9. 13 Matt Waugh (Des Moines);

10. 17X Steve Pumphrey (Fairfield); 11. 02 Andrew Schroeder (Keswick); 12. 64

Casey Greubel (Lacona); 13. 17 Tyler Groenendyk (Oskaloosa); 14. 48J Jacob

Murray (Hartford); DNS/15. 66 Gordon Head Jr. (Des Moines)

Heat 1: 1. Gibson; 2. Shute; 3. Dickey; 4. Pilcher; 5. Banks; 6. Waugh;

7. Head; 8. Pumphrey

Heat 2: 1. Davis; 2. Carter; 3. Groenendyk; 4. Schroeder; 5. Murray; 6.

Greubel; 7. Mueller

Budweiser IMCA Stock Cars

1. 33Z Zack Vanderbeek (New Sharon); 2. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea);

3. 27J Jason Cook (Mt. Pleasant); 4. 62 Brad Pinkerton (New Sharon); 5. 94

Corey Stout (Oskaloosa); 6. 22R Todd Reitzler (Grinnell); 7. 52 Nathan Wood

(Sigourney); 8. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully); 9. 19A Alan Van Gorp (Des

Moines); 10. 18 Kris Walker (Oskaloosa); 11. 38 Rich Vogt (Fairfield); 12. 19

Donnie Pearson (Oskaloosa); 13. 3G Lonnie Greiner (Fairfield); 14. 17 Brock

Welch (Oskaloosa); 15. 57 Keith Kuder (Rose Hill)

Heat 1: 1. Nunnikhoven; 2. Van Gorp; 3. Pinkerton; 4. Cook; 5. Reitzler;

6. Pearson; 7. Welch; 8. Kuder

Heat 2: 1. Stout; 2. Murty; 3. Vogt; 4. Vanderbeek; 5. Wood; 6. Walker;

7. Greiner

Pyramid Graphics and Sports IMCA SportMods

1. 1V Curtis VanDerWal (Oskaloosa); 2. 7 Carter VanDenBerg

(Oskaloosa); 3. 12 Eric Flander (Barnes City); 4. 42 Tyler Heckart (Ottumwa);

5. 8J AJ Johnson (New Sharon); 6. 8T Tony Johnson (Oskaloosa); 7. 49G Leroy

Groenendyk (Oskaloosa); 8. 29 Bill Livezey (New Sharon); 9. 1 Roger Dresden

(Keokuk); 10. 10 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa); 11. 9A Logan Anderson (Oskaloosa);

DQ: 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma)

Heat 1: 1. VanDerWal; 2. Carter; 3. VanDenBerg; 4. Groenendyk; 5.

Livezey; 6. Heckart

Heat 2: 1. Anderson; 2. AJ Johnson; 3. Flander; 4. T. Johnson; 5.

Dresden; 6. Lowry

Pepsi Cola IMCA Hobby Stocks

1. 11 Mike Hughes (Oskaloosa); 2. 10G Dustin Griffiths (Ottumwa);

3. 19 Bill Bonnett (Knoxville); 4. 3S Steve Allen (Oskaloosa); 5. 7A Aaron

Osweiler (South English); 6. 84 Danny Thrasher (Agency); 7. 3 Travis Bunnell

(Hedrick); 8. 5B Dane Blozovich (Exline); 9. 33 Justin Hook (Oskaloosa); 10.

224 Gina Greubel (Lacona); 11. 55 Jared Stephens (Bussey); 12. 33J Justin

Millhouse (Batavia); 13. 32T Bobby Greene (Eddyville); DNS/14. 10 Dale Porter


Heat 1: 1. Griffiths; 2. Thrasher; 3. Bunnell; 4. Osweiler; 5.

Blozovich; 6. Stephens; 7. Porter

Heat 2: 1. Hughes; 2. Allen; 3. Bonnett; 4. Hook; 5. Greene; 6. Greubel;

7. Millhouse

IMCA Sport Compacts

1. 77 John Whalen (Ainsworth); 2. 30 Shawn Cooney (Des Moines); 3.

2M Matt Moore (Ottumwa); 4. 04 Trent Orwig (Blakesburg)

Heat: 1. Cooney; 2. Moore; 3. Whalen; 4. Orwig